Higher Secondary Commerce




Astudentwho has passed SSC (Sto.X) examination conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of
Secondary & Higher Secondary Education or any other examination recognized as equivalent
there to by the Board is eligible for admission to the FY JC (Std.Xl) Class.

The college will admit a student, who has passed an examination other than, that conducted by the
Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education, provisionally. Such students may contact the
College Office immediately after securing admission, for guidance in securing Eligibility
I Migration
confirmation from the Mumbai Divisional Board, Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

Students who are seeking admission to XI Arts, Commerce & Science are required to note that
admission is as per merit, that merit is based on the aggregate
I percentage marks scored at the
qualifying examination.

Being a linguistic minority institution 50 of the seats are reserved for the linguistic minority

Subjects Offered:

1.) FY JC and SY JC Commerce:

          Code                                            Subject Combination

           001        English, Economics, OC. BK, Maths, Hindi, Eve, P.E

           002        English, Economics, OCBK, Maths, Marathi, Eve, P.E

           003        English, Economics, OC. BK, Maths, IT, Eve, P.E

           004        English, Economics, OC. BK, SP, Hindi, Eve, P. E

           005        English, Economics, OC. BK, SP, Marathi, Eve, P.E

1)               Maths and I. T. subjects will be offered purely on merit basis.

2)               The college authorities reserve the right to refuse any subject combination
without assigning any reason.