Keraleeya Samajam (Regd.) Dombivli is a high-profile socio-cultural organization of the city. It represents the collective aspirations and values of the Keraleeya Samajam and the community that it most ably represents. Since its inception in the year 1949, the Keraleeya Samajam (KS) has been deeply committed to the promotion of education, culture, arts and sports. Model School, and later on Model College, run by the management belonging to Keraleeya Samajam epitomizes these high standards. It is a remarkable journey of progress in the last 5 decades for the Keraleeya Samajam. 
The Keraleeya Samajam first set-up a kinder-garten in the year 1966 and encouraged by the positive response by the parents, it established a secondary school at Pandurangawadi. Presently Model School has got three sub-centres: primary school at Baji Prabhu Chowk, Dombivli (East), Vishnunagar, Dombivli (West) and secondary school at Kumbharkhanpada, Dombivli (West). Now, further motivated by the success of Model School, the Keraleeya Samajam decided to start a junior & degree college.

Governing Council

Mr. Varghese Daniel

Mr. Babu Balkrishnan

Mr. Sadasivan Nair 

Mr. C. Arvindan

Mr. V. Narayanan 
General Secretary

Mr. N. B. Shekhar 
Finance Secretary

Mr. Unni Athlat 
Education Secretary

Mr. C. K. Mohanachandran Nair 
Arts & Culture Secretary

Mr. K. P. Prakasan

Mr. Anil Kumar Nair
G.C. Member

Mr. Thamban Nambiar K. T. N
G.C. Member

Mr. Somamadhu K.S.
G.C. Member

Mr. A. V. Jayachandarn
G.C. Member

Mr. Aniyankunju PR
G.C. Member

Mr. E. K. Ashokan
G.C. Member

Mr. T. P.  Purushothaman
G.C. Member

Mr. Vishwanathan P Nair
G.C. Member

Mr. K. Rajgopalan
G.C. Member

Mr. Radhakrishnan Nambiar
G.C. Member

Mr. Pathrose
G.C. Member

Mr. Umesh  Nair
G.C. Member

Mr. K. G. Ramesh
G.C. Member

Mr. Subhash Kumar
G.C. Member

Mrs. Ajitha Manikandan
Internal Auditor

Mrs. Theresa George
Internal Auditor