The College

Model College was established in M.I.D.C. Dombivli (East) in the year 1989. Since then, the college has grown phenomenally.  In the last 13 years, it has been providing not only traditional grant-in-aid courses in Commerce but also self financing, job oriented courses in Commerce stream like BMS, B.Com Accounting and Finance, B.Com Banking and Insurance and B.Com Financial Markets. Apart from these, there are other professional courses being offered like B.Sc Information Technology, BSc Computer Science, Bachelor in Mass Media and Science at junior college level to cater to the demands of the industry. The college is also running centre for post graduate courses M.Com in Accountancy, Management and Banking and Finance from the year 2009.  

The college, in the year 2006-2007, got “A grade” and the college was reaccredited with “A grade” in the year 2014-15 by NAAC. The College, a minority institution, also got U.G.C. recognition 2(f) 12 (B). In other words it means that the college is now permanently affiliated & recognized by the University Grant Commission, New Delhi. It is entitled to all the financial grants & other benefits. 
The college is known for its strict discipline & regularity in holding of lectures. It has emerged as a leader in this area in the field of commerce and science education. It has also achieved spectacular results in sports and cultural activities. It is multi-disciplinary, multi-faculty and highly diversified college with cosmopolitan culture. The management is very proactive towards education and has progressive views. 
The college received permanent affiliation from the University of Mumbai in 2003. The College has received UGC recognition under 2 (f) and 12 (B).

The college enjoys the minority status (Linguistic Minority) under Article 30 (1) of the Constitution of India vide letter No. CONCOL. /5753 of 1993, from University of Mumbai.

Excellence is not the final destination; it is an ongoing journey of evolution powered by intellectual energies and guided forward by the moral value-orientation.

To provide conducive learning environment resulting in enlightenment.
To build a confident and positive personality by developing skills and competencies.
To instill basic human values like nationalism, patriotism, secularism and others.
To create awareness among the students regarding the need of conservation of environment.
To meet global trends of education.
To bridge the gap between academic and industry.

Pursuit of excellence in every field.
Total development of the integrated personality.
Equal emphasis upon academics, culture and sports.
To create and establish a unique brand image. 
Redesign and restructure objective skill oriented, market –friendly courses which are the need of the coming years, in this age of globalization.
In order to meet the challenges of the global market, fruitful co-operation & collaboration with the foreign universities in near future.
To strive for autonomy and deemed university status.

                              Governing Council: 2020-21 to 2022-23

                      Name                    Category
  Adv. P. V. Sadasivan Nair   Management - Chairman
  Shri. V. Narayanan   Management -Member
  Shri. Unni Athilat   Management -Member
  Shri.N. B. Shekhar   Management -Member
  Shri.O. Pradeep   Management -Member
  CA Venkat Subramanian   Principal’s Nominee - Member
  Ms. Sreelatha Rajaram   Principal’s Nominee - Member
  Dr. Sajeev Nair   Management Nominee -Member
  (Educationist / Industrialist)
  Dr. Manoj Sinha   UGC Nominee - Member
  Dr. Sanjay Jagtap   State Govt. Nominee
  Dr. Vaidehi Daptardar   University Nominee
  Dr. CA R. P. Bambardekar   I/C Principal


                                 ACADEMIC COUNCIL: (2020-21 to 2022-23)  

                    Name                     Category

  Dr. CA Ravindra


  I/C Principal - Chairman
  Shri Ashwin P Bhinde   Dept. of Commerce
  C.A. Venkata Subramnian   Dept. of Accountancy
  Prof. B. G. Shetty   Economics
  Mrs. Anuradha Kane   Dept. of Mathematics
  Adv. Rajendra Palve   Dept. of Law, Ad hoc
  Prof. Meghna Shinde   Dept. of English, Ad Hoc
  Prof. Meghana Joshi   Dept. of Environmental Studies, Ad hoc
  Prof. Divya Premchandran   Dept. of IT
  Shri. Kaushik Inamdar   Dept. of Life Sciences
  Prof. Priya Gaikwad   Dept. of Mass Media
  Dr. Vinay Bhole   Head, Research Centre
  Dr. Archana Rao   Co-ordinator, M. Sc. (Finance)
  Dr. Thrivikraman   Co-ordinator, M. Com.
  Prof. Sreelatha Rajaram.   Senior Teachers
  Prof. Geeta Nair.   Senior Teachers
  Prof. Harmeet Singh   Senior Teachers
  Dr. Laksha Ailani   Senior Teachers
  Dr. Krishnan Namboodri   Experts / academicians
  Shri. Sachin Menon   Experts / academicians
  Dr. Madhu Nair   Experts / academicians
  Dr. Shobha Menon   Experts / academicians
  Dr. Vijetha Shetty   Experts / academicians
  Dr. Jayashree Menon   Experts / academicians
  Dr. Suchitra Naik   Nominee of the University of Mumbai
  Dr. Ravindra Deshmukh   Nominee of the University of Mumbai
  Dr. Madhubala Swami   Nominee of the University of Mumbai
  C.A. Umesh Patwari   Principal’s Nominee (Member Secretary)


                                   BOARD OF STUDIES: Commerce

                    Name                     Category
  Prof. Ashwin Bhinde   Head of the department
  Dr. Vinay G Bhole   Faculty
  Shri Ananad Kale   Faculty
  Prof. Sreelatha   Faculty
  Dr. Archana Rao   Faculty
  Prof. Anand Kale   Faculty
  Dr. Jyoti Jangir   Faculty
  Prof. Vijay Bhojwani   Faculty
  Prof. Surekha Shukla   Faculty
  Prof. Teena Kachhela   Faculty
  Prof. Thrivikraman   Faculty
  Prof. Surabhi Gupta   Faculty
  Dr. Akshada Joshi   Faculty

  Prof. Priyanka Goswami

  Prof. Pranjali Raje   Faculty
  Prof. Asha Nadar   Faculty
  Neela Keralaverma   Faculty
  Sunetra Pawar   Faculty
  Dewang Nandola   Faculty

  Dr. Rajashree Deshpande

  C.A. Hemant Godbole   Subject Expert, Symbiosis, Pune.
  Rohan Chinchwadkar   Subject Expert, IIT, Mumbai.
  Dr. Sobana Vasudevan   VC Nominee
  Dr. Vijetha Shetty   VC Nominee
  Dr. Satinder K . Gujral   VC Nominee
  Dr. Lawrence Anthony   VC Nominee
  Dr. Pooja Ramchandani   VC Nominee
  Dr. Dr. Megha Somani   VC Nominee
  Avadhoot Deshpande   Representative from Industry
  Dr. Seethalakshmi   PG meritorious alumnus, Principal’s nominee
  Snehal Dixit   Members- Co-opted
  Dr. Parag Ajgaonkar   Members- Co-opted
  Dr. Khushpat Jain   Members- Co-opted


                                FINANCE COMMITTEE: (2020-21 to 2022-23)

                    Name                     Category
  Dr. CA R P Bambardekar   Chairman (I/C Principal)
  Shri. N.B. Shekhar   Nominee of Governing Body
  Mrs. Madhavi Ingole   Finance officer, University of Mumbai
  CA Venkata Subramanian   Principal’s nominee



School Committee
Mr. Pradeep O.    

Dr. Vinay G Bhole    
Secretary (Ex-officio)

Mr. Rajendran Nair V    
Member (Management Representatives)

Mr.Narayanan P.    Member 
(Management Representatives)

Mr. Sureshkumar E. V.    
Member (Management Representatives)

Mrs. Sulbha Honrao    
Member (Teaching Staff, Commerce)

Mr. Shoumen Goswami    
Member (Teaching Staff, Science)

Mr. Umesh.O.V.    
Member (Non-Teaching Staff)

Mr. B.P.Pawar     Member (Non-Teaching staff)