Fees Payment Notice for students

                                           KERALEEYA SAMAJAM (REGD.) DOMBIVLI’S MODEL COLLEGE

                                                                NOTICE FOR STUDENTS (2020-2021)

                                                                             JUNIOR COLLEGE

                                                  (COMMERCE AIDED & UNAIDED/ SCIENCE UNAIDED)

                                                                                                                                                                 DATE: 03/03/2021

All the students are hereby informed that they can pay their balance admission fees for the academic year 2020-2021

as per the given links: -


                                                                            For S.Y.J.C. students

1. Students can pay their balance of fees using the payment link:-

2. Those students of S.Y. J.C. whose balance of fees is Rs. 1050/-  only i.e. those who have paid their admission fees

     on or before 3rd August, 2020 can pay the same using the link: -

3. Balance fees payment  of previous year junior college (i.e. F.Y.J.C. 2019-2020) -


                                                                              For F.Y.J.C. students

1.  Admission Fees payment link:-


Note: - Student having any query of their fees payment or about the list mentioned below can email the

same to: . Student should email stating their name, class, application

number and attach the snapshot of fees paid till date.


                   OFFICE SUPDT.                                                                                                                    I/C PRINCIPAL