Junior College Notice

                                       KERALEEYA SAMAJAM (REGD.) DOMBIVLI’S MODEL COLLEGE

                                                            RE-ACCREDITED ‘A’ GRADE BY NAAC

                                                                            JUNIOR COLLEGE



                                                                                                                                                      Date: 16/11/2019


All the XI & XII Arts/ Commerce/ Science students are hereby informed that they have to pay the balance fees ,

I.T.Fees (Rs.2500/-) & Bifocal Fees (Rs.10,000/-) from 18th to 21st Nov’19 at fees counter between

10.30.a.m. to 12.30.p.m. to avoid penalty for fees payment.


1) Student’s are required to carry their previous fees paid receipt.

2) Fees payment can be done through cash or Cheque. In case of Cheque, the Cheque name will be put by the college.



XI – A                                                                  XII - A      

XI – B                                                                  XII – B

XI – C                                                                  XII - C

XI – D                                                                 XII – D

XI – E                                                                  XII – E

XI – E (ARTS)                                                    XII – E (ARTS)

XI – F                                                                  XII - F

XI – G                                                                 XII - G

XI – H                                                                 XII - H

XI – I                                                                  XII - I

XI – J                                                                  XII – J



OFF. SUPDT.                                                          VICE-PRINCIPAL                                  PRINCIPAL